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My first taste of writing for the internet was circa 1993. With a very competent nerd friend we creating a travel guide for our native town. It was pretty damn good, for its time, given that most of the web didn't yet have graphics.

We could see the potential in the web for a town run on tourism, as ours was, but we didn´t have much success persuading small business people on the edge of Europe of our vision. The world had not woken up to the web yet.

I continued dabbling here and there in online writing but it wasn´t until 1999 when I left my hometown to explore the world, that I first created an online writing repository that would later be called a blog. Gullible´s Travels was mostly a way to keep in touch with friends and family while on the road. In the darker, lonelier times in my 18 months of solo travel it would be an important way to feel connected. I´ve collect Gullible s Travels into a mini-book, email me if you´d like a copy. Its interesting now to look back now, nearly 20 years later and see fragments of who I would become.

During that trip, I ran into the guys from, way back when they were a basement project of 3 broke guys in Eugene, Oregon. I contributed some early content for their site.

Professional, personal and other challenges meant that writing too a back seat for me for some years. I rediscovered the muse again on moving to Rwanda in 2004,  which brought Rwandatales to the world.

To date I believe Rwandatales are still my best online writing. I had quite decent readership for those days, especially as it was well before advertising content, social media boosts or even a decent web search engine!

In 2005, one of my articles I´d written for bootsnall was picked up by Tom, the road junky himself, and I hit it off and I went on to write early content for him too.

By the end of my 4 years in Rwanda I was struggling and Rwandatales, made way for its offshoot, Postcards from the Edge. Some of the themes in it will be familiar to old Africa hands, other themes to anyone whose had enough of their current context and desperately needs a change. Around that time I also experimented with writing out my frustrations with my work context into a fantasy setting!!

I had many ideas on things to write about when I worked for big corporate, was an attempt to start on that. But in the end the energy and inspiration fled quicker than I could harness it. Throughout the next years, I would write a lot professionally, in marketing, social media and SEO content.

Just for fun, I started Hegartea during a period of unemployment in 2014, just to get back into practise and to share what I had been learning about tea. I´m still surprised anyone reads it :)

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